Clinear Research is specialized in Clinical Research and offers monitoring and managing services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology product development from phase II through phase IV for US, Canadian, European and multinational pharmaceutical companies, in Europe and in the Mascarene Islands: La Réunion and the Mauritius Islands.

The company brings the expertise and professionalism of European’s and big International CROs’ clinical research through the experience of its senior CRAs. Our staff ensure that executions are crisp, timely and accurate.

We are aware of the needs (Regulatory compliance, deadlines management, budget control…) and propose a service and support tailored to your needs.

We guarantee you a whole confidentiality and a conformity with the ICH and the European directives.

Clinear Research proposes:

  • A complete service in clinical research in Mauritius and La Réunion Islands.
  • Remote Clinical Trial site Management in Europe.

Clinear Research expands the boundaries of Clinical Trials to the Indian Ocean.

By settling down in Mauritius, Africa’s first tiger, and located on the cross road of Africa, Asia and Australia, Clinear enriches trials with a new panel of multiethnic patients.
Subsequently, clinical research get access to the Mauritian medical hub, and La Réunion Island has never been so accessible to monitoring.