Clinear Research Ltd invites physicians to serve as Investigators for upcoming clinical trials.

Clinical trial investigators play an important role in the development of safe, effective products and therapies in many multi-specialty therapeutic areas.

Advantages of becoming a Cliinical Trial Investigator:

  • Scientific Development and recognition. Investigators may get the opportunity of becoming co-authors of articles for publication. They get the opportunity of collaborating  and exchanging with other investigators in the international sphere and to work with drugs and processes not yet approved by the FDA.
  • Investigators can get an additional revenue.
  • Help in the development of new drugs and therapies.

To proceed with registration , please complete the form below.  Your information will then be included in our Investigator and Site Database and allow us to contact you for potential participation in studies based on your qualifications and research experience. Please note registration does not obligate you in any way.

Receipt of your registration will be confirmed via email. Thank you.